Everyone in the workplace should have a clear understanding of current business etiquette, regardless of their job title. The following are descriptions of my presentations that focus on business etiquette skills. I can mix and match any program, and topics with in a program, to custom create a presentation to suit your specific needs.

The Arena – Etiquette in the Workplace:
Proper etiquette at work is far more than just good manners. It generates efficiency, helps eliminate distractions, and creates a pleasant environment in which people can work to their full potential. Employees who are confident in these current skills will be a more positive representation of their company.

This presentation can covers areas such as:

  • The confident handshake
  • Electronic etiquette, including cell phones and email
  • How to effectively use business cards
  • Client and co worker relationships
  • Perfecting the art of networking
  • Gender issues
  • Effective business meeting how to's
  • Tips for the business traveler

Dining Etiquette:
Dining adds a whole new dimension to the business experience; it is not just a meeting with food. Employers say that a person's table manners (or lack thereof) may be a deciding factor in securing a signed contract. This popular program covers the business meal, beginning to end. What happens around the dining table can remove or deepen doubts, dampen or heighten expectations. This is 'must have' information for anyone who entertains clients.

This presentation covers areas such as:

  • When to begin talking business
  • Navigating the place setting
  • What to, and what not to, order
  • The one correct way to eat bread and butter
  • What to do if you do not like your food
  • Beverages, including alcohol
  • How to order a bottle of wine
  • How to diminish the awkward moment when the bill arrives

New Kid On The Block:
Success in getting, keeping and advancing in a job depends 85% on "people skills" and only 15% on technical knowledge. This presentation is designed with your new hires in mind. It covers the basics of corporate culture and builds confidence in your new employees, it gets everyone off on the right foot, and it sets expectations. This is also a great opportunity for new hires to ask the questions they may be too embarrassed to ask their new boss or co workers.

This program covers such areas as:

  • How to figure out the "lay of the land" of your department
  • How to help others acclimate to a new co worker
  • The do's and don'ts of shared office spaces
  • Review of the company dress code
  • Business meeting how- to's
  • Participation in office / company events
  • Looking ahead
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