Jodie Beach is an expert in the area of confidence and composure focusing on the topics of business etiquette, dinning etiquette and professional attire. She has worked with companies throughout the United States and Canada, helping thousands with the ever-changing rules of today's business world.

Jodie Beach, a graduate of Drake University, began her career as an etiquette professional in 1992 by attending training at the Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. After completing her training, Jodie started her own business in Des Moines, Iowa conducting etiquette classes for girls and boys. The six week course became an instant success, and hundreds of children took her course. In 1998, Jodie moved out of her comfort zone to try something new and spoke on business etiquette to an adult breakfast club; her passion for speaking to adult audiences was quickly sparked. Jodie went back to the Etiquette Institute and updated her training to include business etiquette. She sold her children's etiquette business and has been doing corporate training ever since. Jodie is the author of a book entitled, Power, Presence & Style, The Top 50 Tips For The Business Professional. She is a frequent guest on television and radio shows, as well as writes articles for magazines and newspapers. Jodie travels throughout the United States and Canada, helping thousands to project more power, presence & style!

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